Its a used needle

By | July 25, 2005

When I was first told that I had to be injecting medicine 3 times a week I was ok with it. Medicine I know where to get, Mr. Pharmacist is a nice person. But where do I put the used syringes?

I asked my neurologist.
I asked my neurologists nurse practitioner.
I asked my pharmacist.
I called my pharmacy’s Specialty Group and asked them.
I called MS LifeLines – my medicine support group and asked them.

No one could tell me what to do with my used needles.

One person told me to just throw them in with my regular trash, another told me to save them up somehow and take them to the hospital. They were all wrong.

On a lark I went to the website for the company that collects our garbage. They knew what to do with my used needles. Its even on their web site. Moral of the story check with your garbage company or health department.

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