Manual injection or Auto-Injector?

By | October 27, 2005

For over a year I’ve been a huge advocate of the Rebiject, also to refered to by someone much wittier than I as the auto-inflictor. It’s a fast, easy, non-scary way to inject. Load the gun, put it against your skin, press the button and the jobs done. Mary Poppins just floated through my brain there. Song “Spoon Full of Sugar” for any Poppins-heathens out there… of which I know you exist.

The least painful spot for the injection is my tushie. It’s an ample area plush with fatty tissue. Perfect for injections. Added bonus is I’ve lost a lot of sensation in those orbs. Super bonus is my husband gives me the injections.

Problem is, with the Rebiject the red circle from the injection is almost half an inch larger than a manual injection and the injection site reaction sticks around for weeks longer. My tush isn’t plush enough to handle that.

Injection Site

Here we’ve got my thigh. Two large red circles and one white one. The white one is from the lidocaine (topical numbing agent). The red circle closest to the camera was over an inch and a half in diameter and lasted over a month.

So I’ve started manual injecting. It stings a whole lot less. Some nights I can’t even tell I’m injecting. The hardest part for me is jabbing that needle in. Especially in my stomach. I’ve got this large hang up about my soft under belly and how unprotected it is. But, we do what we have to do. Marc, my wonderful husband, still goes with me and lends his immoral support while I jab myself. If my hands are too shakey from tremors then he’ll suck it up and do it. He doesn’t know that yet… shhhh, don’t tell him.

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