Interesting, allergic reaction?

By | December 22, 2005

Every winter I end up with bronchitis or some insufferable chest gooey nasty phlegm related sickness. This year when I started dripping, as I do, I started taking Claritin D. Helped with the dripping and my chest felt better to boot.

Interesting side effect was decreased injection site reactions, fevers, general malaise … in other words my usual Rebif “flu-like symptoms”.

Word on the electronic street is that the antihistamines combat the slight allergic reaction some people have to the immuno-whatever that is Rebif and the like.

So, if you’re like me, check with your doc and try it out. All of a sudden I had energy. Cognitive clarity didn’t improve noticeably but I was able to do things.

The down side is its drying my mouth and eyes so I’m trying to work out a schedule that helps the icks and keeps everything moist that’s supposed to be moist.

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