Change in schedule

By | January 13, 2006

Our anniversary, twelfth anniversary for those that care, was on a Saturday. I didn’t want the Rebif hang-over even though its more mild with the Claritin.

    Side note: I’ve switched from the Claritin-D to the plain stuff, that seems to have helped with the dry mouth/eyes. I only take it on injection days. It works better if its taken a couple hours before injecting.

So I skipped Friday’s shot. Since there were conjugal activities involved with anniversary celebrations getting stuck on Saturday didn’t seem very romantic. That pushed shot night to Sunday.

Now I’m on a Sun-Tues-Thurs schedule. I’m hoping the shift will allow me a glass of wine on the weekends without feeling like carp on a cracker. Or Carp on Crack. Either way its a bad sensation and has decreased my already minimal wine intake to a big fat sobbing zero.

This will be my first weekend on this schedule so we’ll see. I’m very anxious as we have many cases of delicious wine just crying out to be imbibed. Do you know how plainative wine can get when its feeling ignored?

Tip for the day: Never argue with a crazy person. Just nod your head and agree.

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