February is supposed to be warmer

By | February 23, 2006

Been hanging in there. Fluctuating between sleeping and being a manic with-it woman. What IT is remains a mystery but damnit, I’m with it.

Cognition is also improved. Didn’t realize how “slow” I had gotten until things started coming back. Doing some web work is now an achievable goal instead of an insurmountable obstacle. Odd, but truly refreshing. There’s unix commands I’ve long forgotten that are coming to me. Maybe I had been trying too hard to remember before in addition to the brain mire that went with the exacerbation in May ’04.

The house had gotten to a state of slum that wasn’t so bad it would have been showcased on Better Slums & Hovels, although it was threatening to exceed that barrier. It’s finally getting back on track. Much to my relief. When the new Schwan’s delivery guy looks at the house and then looks at me with a concerned face and asks, “How are you doing, I mean with your MS and all?” it’s a pretty good indication that the house is near in need of leveling and complete rebuilding.

I’ve also started back on some crafts. Nothing too exciting. There’s a polymer clay shoe I started 8 months ago that is closer to completion. Between the tremors and lack of coordination it was much too frustrating to attempt. Still have the tremors occasionally, not enough to prohibit crafting with my hands.

And on a warm & fuzzy note; music has become a part of my life again. For over a year music wasn’t an important part of things. The exacerbation took away a lot of hearing and gave me the inability to listen to multiple things at once. I couldn’t talk on the phone and have music softly playing. Still have problems with that but now I’m enjoying sounds again. Bonus for me.



Tip for the day: Apply lotion after putting on chaptstick.

(Chapstick has a smooth, small, plastic lid – for those heathens out there that are unfamiliar with this most divine form of moisture.)

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