Clearly Insane Seeking Comfy Spring Coat

By | March 25, 2006

It’s not enough that I go and order plants in a fugue state, now I must go shopping locally and purchase more plants. Not regular plants, no. I must get new plants (tubers) that must be dug up in the fall and put back in the spring. Yes. This sounds like a good idea! No, not good, not merely good. It’s a brilliant idea! Yes yes yes! *insert crazy laugh*

Oh well, 30 begonias and dahlias. I’ll find homes for some of them but most will go in the ground with the 2 other begonias I’ve mail ordered. *doink*

Yes, I am she of the Clearly Insane Clan. It’s time to start shopping for a spring coat, something in white I think.Spring White Coat

On the same train to crazyville… A friend mentioned she couldn’t post a comment. For a while I had that turned off thanks to site spammers. Its since been turned back on.

Tip for the day: Make sure you have a drivers license. That way you can drive yourself crazy. I don’t have a DL, thankfully its a short drive so the walk back isn’t too bad.

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