Neurontin (gabapentin)

By | April 19, 2006

300mg three times a day kept the leg pain and migraines away. I’ve never had migraines until after the exacerbation in May 2004.

I’m titrating off the gabapentin (generic neurontin). Right now I’m taking 200mg three times a day and the freakin migraines and pain are just amazingly awe inspiring. I loathe to think what it will be like when I’m totally off this med. Gotta get off if I want to get pregnant though.

As an interesting aside, my energy and cognition have increased dramatically. I FEEL more like myself. Not completely whole or ‘there’ but more of me is alive again. If I had of known that the gabapentin was causing all that fatigue, and brain fog, I would have switched to something else long ago.

A real fortune from a fortune cookie: Confucius say: Angel with wings not so hot as angel with arms.

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