Birth Control Apr 18th – May 26th, 2006

By | April 22, 2006

Right now I’m in what they call the Suppression Stage. Basically ensuring I don’t ovulate through the use of birth control.

A long time ago in a galaxy far away…. I was on BC. Didn’t finish out a month because it made me break out worse than normal and my breasts became a Ouchie Zone. That and I was a perma-PMS bitch. Guess what’s happening now? *groan*

Breasts are tender but thanks to the MS its not the issue it was once long ago. They are slightly swollen and generally getting perky. Not a bad side effect now that I’m mostly numb.

The PMS thing I can do without. Can we say Mood Swings boys and girls? I’m crying at the drop of a hat and all these emotions keep swinging to and fro.

The emotional roller coaster is one I managed to get off of a couple years back. Through suppression of emotions, proper lesion placement and herbal hormone equalizers. I’d rather flat line emotionally than have this, this choking fear that I’ve got winging through my brain every few minutes.

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