Monthly Archives: August 2007

My toenails can cut meat

By | August 18, 2007

It’s true. Need to get them cut, probably go in tomorrow to have some nice stranger fondle my feet. I find it so much easier to have someone else cut my finger and toe nails. Don’t always have enough strength to cut through these thick things at the end of my wiggly parts. Don’t want them painted though,… Read More »

Doing it wrong

By | August 17, 2007

Last night I took my normal Aleve (shot night) and topped it off with 100mg of neurontin and 2.5mg of valium. Yet I still wake myself up moaning in pain. I’m not doing drugs right if I wake myself up. Supposed to wake my husband up, that’s what he’s there for, right? Back of my right leg was… Read More »

Oh, I believe in yesterday.

By | August 16, 2007

You starting mmmming and your window will close on your fingers. Yesterday was a wondrous day. Not only did I maliciously and with malice aforethought murder my hair *buwahahahahahaha* but I also had a massage with my favorite massage therapist A.G. Yup, that’s his name. He goes by his initials because his name is hideous. He told it… Read More »

Today is another day

By | August 13, 2007

Not sure if its after-shot effects or what but I’ve been extremely light headed today. Wobbly, greying-vision, general dizzy type stuff without the spinning. Exorcism like behavior is part of being dizzy, right? Thankfully yesterdays tension migraine has deflated to a dull roar. Jaws still tight and there’s a nag in my head but I can have a… Read More »

Long Time No Write

By | August 10, 2007

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. IVF was a bust, too many health problems despite several attempts. I could carry a child but the required medicines would be heinous and costly, not just monetarily. Since going off all my meds I’ve had a few flares. Short lived, thank god, but there. My balance is for… Read More »