Doing it wrong

By | August 17, 2007

Last night I took my normal Aleve (shot night) and topped it off with 100mg of neurontin and 2.5mg of valium. Yet I still wake myself up moaning in pain. I’m not doing drugs right if I wake myself up. Supposed to wake my husband up, that’s what he’s there for, right?

Back of my right leg was curling, lovely sensation that. Today isn’t much better. I stretched, unthinkingly, when I woke and went into another spasm of muscle pain spasms. Bad wording that.

The last Harry Potter isn’t holding my attention. Not that I’m surprised by that. If I was ‘normal’ the book would have been finished the same day I started it. Not gonna happen. Its boring me, very unusual that. Attention span is short, mood is short, I am short. Don’t eat my feet.

Tip for the day: Be aware of your surroundings. In my case that means beware.

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