My toenails can cut meat

By | August 18, 2007

It’s true. Need to get them cut, probably go in tomorrow to have some nice stranger fondle my feet. I find it so much easier to have someone else cut my finger and toe nails. Don’t always have enough strength to cut through these thick things at the end of my wiggly parts. Don’t want them painted though, that tends to annoy me.

Update on the spasticity… not good. Right leg is still curling involuntarily. Tried to use some heat therapy on it last night. That sorta helped the muscles but sent the nerve pain over the edge. So 5mgs of valium and still a tossing sleepless night.

Today isn’t much better. The weather is either warm or freakin freezing my nips off.

The Harry Potter book is on its third day. Yeah, I know. A real fan would be done with it by now. Especially a real fan who doesn’t go out into the world. Bah.

Thought for the day: You can mail order fresh food, meats, dry goods, clothes, electronics, brides and so much more. At what point will our society become so lame that there will be mail order babies?

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