Many updates in one

By | September 12, 2007

August 31st – MRI
Yay, I love MRI’s. Sarcasm off. They aren’t bad, I’m not claustrophobic or anything like that. What I dislike is the contrast. As long as its injected slowly I’m fine. Too fast and I hurl. I warned the lady and she ignored me. So there I was frantically smashing the ball to get the freak out of the tube before I aspirated some stomach contents. Why is it that the medical peoples don’t like to listen? 2 out of 4 MRI’s with contrast have resulted in me displaying the contents of my digestive tract.

Sept 4 – Neuro and Physiatrist
New physiatrist, he is awesome! A little old school but I really liked him. He made some suggestions which on the surface make sense but aren’t exactly feasible. What I like about him is that he tries things out before recommending them and he’s not script happy. Old physiatrist was all about writing the scripts and getting you out the door as fast as possible.

Neuro went over the latest MRI’s. Found one new lesion, not surprising, but also discovered that my spinal cord looks a bit better! YAY!

Sept 10 – Physical Therapy
My PT lady is also really cool. She’s relaxed some since I saw her last (almost two years ago). We spent the entire hour going over what the physiatrist recommended and options for a power wheelchair. She recommended against a scooter due to my various problems (not enough sensation in my hands and rotator cuff tear). TONS of freakin options!

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