Adventures in Bathing

By | December 6, 2007

The time has come that I need a bath chair. Oh the joys of having one more wet piece of bathroom to regularly clean. I am so looking forward to that.

We already have a decent hand held shower head. If you don’t have one, get one. I can’t say enough nice things about ours. Not only does it make cleaning the shower easier it also makes bath time fun!

The initial problem is how to fill the prescription for it. Its an odd thought, getting prescribed furniture. Whilst talking to Clark at CareMedical about the powerchair, more later on that, I asked how to fill it. Turns out he can fill it for me. Whoop baby!

Bonus to having Clark fill it is that they’ll deliver it. NICE. Down side is they don’t carry one that folds up like I wanted. Not that I care that much, I’m simply looking forward to not having to sit on the shower floor anymore and then struggle back to my feet when bath time is over.

As the shower chair story unfolds I’ll post more about it.

Update: 12/14/07
Got a call from Clark’s assistant. She wanted to verify my home address because they’re UPSing the “bath chair” out to me. Yeah baby! With this being the time for giving, and the chair coming via UPS, I’m rather tempted to wrap it and put it under the tree. Giving the gift of safety.

Update: 12/18/07
YES! (said in best Brain voice) I got an early Xmas present!

Totally adjustable and with cute little holes everywhere so the damn thing drains. *sigh* I know its still going to mildew, I can feel it. But, small price to pay to safely clean yourself without the threat of putting your body through a shower door.

Thought for the day: There’s a line people cross from being righteous to being a righteous pain in the ass.

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