It all starts with a cane

By | December 6, 2007

Most people start out with a cane. There are a huge amount of varieties and handles and options. Before you start net shopping go and handle a cane, see what handle feels the best to you. I’ve a preference for the derby handle, although the offset is looking more ergonomic.


Derby Handle
Derby handle

Fritz Handle
Fritz handle

Offset Handle
Offset handle

Palm Grip Handle
Palm grip handle

Crook Handle
Crook handle

There’s all sorts of goodies to get for your cane too. If you live in a snowy area you may want to consider getting an ice pick attachment. Neat little thing that you can put on the tip of your cane when its slick out. Fully removable and some can flip up so the rubber tip is there for indoor use.

I strongly recommend a wrist strap, at least at first. The number of times my poor cane has gone THWACK because I dropped it is innumerable. Nothing worse than dropping your cane and having the hordes of other shoppers stop and watch to see if you tip over. I am not a cow.

There’s right and wrong ways to use a cane, or so the experts say. Honestly I couldn’t give a rats butt. If you’re comfortable with how its working for you then go for it. If you encounter problems, go see a physical therapist. I suggest seeing a PT not because getting training on how to use a cane is important, IMO, but because they may have a better suggestion for you.

In some ways walking with a cane is like learning to walk all over again. Lowering, humbling and frustrating as all hell. On the up side you’ll always have something handy to hit idiots with.

One final suggestion, for your first cane get something durable. Its going to take some abuse as it gets incorporated into your life. That gorgeous antique cane is not a good starter.

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