Bad Bunny, no Case Manager for you

By | December 13, 2007

During all this powerchair pre-auth stuff I was told about a Case Manager (Care Coordinator). Someone at the insurance that handles all your claims. Supposedly this simplifies authorizations for things since any requests/claims are sent directly to this one person instead of the general pool.

Called Regence, my insurance, to ask how to get one. After bouncing from person to person and being on hold I was told I could get one if they deny my request for a powerchair. No, I can appeal their denial. Then I can request one. No, then one may be assigned but its unlikely.

Total cluster. Every time the Regence rep said then I could request one she’d contradict herself and say I couldn’t. And I’m the one with the neurological disorder.

Stop playing with my head!

Lately I’ve been using the scooters at the stores. All I can say is its the only way to shop! They’re a little difficult to use since they’re so big but all in all I can shop without needing a 12 hour nap afterwards. Browsing isn’t easy, scooters are very close to the ground, and other shoppers tend to freak when they see a scooter. On the upside the other shoppers freaking means they get out of my way and let me go ahead of them.

Weirdness at Costco. In the scooter, waiting for Marc to check out, the lady in front of us was wearing a gorgeous knitted sweater jacket with a hood. I compliment her on it, tell her I’ve been looking for one like it. We talk about it and then she smiles and says she’d give it to me if I’d accept it. Uhm, it’s see-your-breath weather and you want to give me your source of warmth. Off your back. Thank you but that’s a little too nice for me. Rich lady, real sweet. Made me want to tear up because there are people like that.

Thought for the day: Smile, you never know whose watching.

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