Lazarus, part I

By | February 10, 2016
My sweet miracle baby three months old.  See me glow!

My sweet miracle baby three months old. See me glow!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything. Life happens while you’re not paying attention whether you like it or not.

After two failed IVF attempts, my husband and I gave up on the hope for having children. Four years after the fertility doctor says it would take an act of Congress and a miracle to have a child, I end up sick for a couple of months.

Having MS means that my immune system is either overly active or dormant. Since this flu lasted and lasted I assumed the latter.

It wasn’t until I’d had this general malaise for several months and started having other oddities happen (sensitive nipples) that I got a clue and had Marc pick up a pregnancy test that screamed POSITIVE immediately.

We immediately get down to Planned Parenthood to confirm the home test and immediately schedule a dating ultrasound. Home pregnancy test on Friday and dating ultrasound on Monday. We had a small amount of excitement.

Planned Parenthood dates the pregnancy at a few days before the end of the first trimester.



Very conflicting emotions, fear battling with overwhelming joy.

Fast forward, our son, Alexander, was born without any known birth defects which is a huge thing since I found out I was on the real med and not a placebo. The drug is on the market now as Gilenya. Surprised me since I didn’t show any improvement or slowing of progression.

During the pregnancy my disabilities pretty much went away with only slight hints at what once was. I was able to breastfeed Alex for 18 months, during which time I didn’t experience any relapses or disability coming back.

Marc and I renovated our home in Washington and decided to move down to California to be closer to his family now that we had a son.

Lots of packing, painting, caulking, organizing, selling and trips down memory lane. I was able to do it all and not drool on myself or otherwise be less than an equal partner to my husband and a damn good mom to our son.

It’s such a bittersweet memory for me, that time we spent getting our home ready for sale. Listening to the sounds of Alex laughing and making faces at me. Being able to do without falling or being UNable. (That’s what’s called foreshadowing.)

Thought for the day; tomorrow may not be promised, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan for it.

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