Lazarus, part II

By | February 20, 2016

We get down to California without issue, our home in Washington sells, I’m still doing pretty good. Marc and I decide to try for another baby.

This is when you realize my brain damage is legit.

First try we succeed. Ecstatic, joy, a sudden understanding of the chaos that we’ve just willingly sexed up for. He says that all he heard was “let’s have the sex”. I say that’s all he wanted to hear (and yeah, that’s how I phrased it hours after agreeing that a second would be good).

Where we were staying suddenly didn’t work out so we bought a serious fixer upper condo, had a contractor do a complete rehab on it and moved in a little under two months after we bought it.

I was seven months pregnant at the time. Imagine if you will, a large belly somehow crawling into the useless back corner of the bottom kitchen cabinet in order to put contact paper down. Why is there always that corner?! In every kitchen there’s the spot where you put things to forget about them, it’s like where socks go, but instead of the dryer magically removing one of two you’re actively participating in this items disappearance.

Throughout my second pregnancy I did pretty well physically. There was the expected exhaustion, a few instances of my legs getting the shakes, typical low grade MS stuff for me.

My due date was quickly approaching and we’re dealing with it in our normal style; prepared but pretty blasé. Until it happened, and I do mean happened.

No matter what anyone says, having a baby is not a matter of expectations. Having a baby is the definition of being in the moment and accepting that moment for what it is without prejudice.

Long story short, after our first son I had to be induced because he was comfy. I was warned that if we had another child induction wouldn’t be necessary. Cool, right? Pitocen sucks and should be made illegal. If they had the ability, some sadistic bastard during The Inquisition would have created pitocen.

I was looking forward to checking into the hospital and having knowledgeable people assist our second son into the world. What happened was I slept through labor and ended up having to “labor down” until the nice EMS crew arrived and had enough time to glove up and catch.

It was a very surreal experience that won’t ever diminish no matter how much of my memory MS eats.

My two joys each at the three month mark.

My two joys each at the three month mark.

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