Lazarus, part III

By | February 21, 2016

So far you’ve been caught up on two moves, a lot of renovations and two babies.

After the surprising arrival of our second son, and the irritating 24 hour stay in the hospital, life settled into a haze. New motherhood is all about recovering from this rather awesome and psychically abrupt change to your body, in addition to getting to know this brand new human that has no ability to communicate except for crying or shrieking or otherwise making a mother’s heart race with anxiety.

Juggling the needs of a 2.5 yr old and an infant and still trying to organize and unpack the last little bits and make room for all the baby gear and try to keep the condo from looking like a circle of hell dedicated to filth and stickiness.. Well, that isn’t something small. Add in the slow creep of MS symptoms and that’s just not fun. Include a large dash of avoidance and blatant lying to self and you’ve got where I was at.

Alex, our first born, started preschool in the mornings and my father in law started taking Malcolm, our second born, while Alex was in school. It was amazing. I got stuff done man, like real stuff. Amazing stuff. The stuff I used to be able to do pre-kids and pre-MS. I also wore myself out so by the time the boys got home I was dragging. But STUFF!

What they say about kids bringing home every germ when they start school is really true. We made it through preschool, largely unscathed.


Husband wanted the new toilet moved without scratching the new flooring, I was too happy to oblige. May 2015.

During preschool we bought a house. So another move, another sale and purchase, another set of renovations, another round of crawling into the dark of the mystic kitchen cabinet that serves no legitimate purpose.

Our requirements for a home was close to my husband’s parents (but not too close), single level, open floor plan-ish, three bedrooms, good backyard for the boys and not too big that I couldn’t maintain it. Amazing how that limited our options.

We’ve been in this home for a little over a year now. During that time we’ve done a lot. Alex started kindergarten, got the dog that Alex had wanted since forever, done some huge improvements to the new home, gotten me a power wheelchair, repaired my travel scooter, got a hot pink walker, and had a ramp and a grab bar installed. Yeah, shit got real ugly real fast.

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