Plague City

By | March 18, 2016
Chaos Central

Chaos Central

Alex brought home yet another cold from Kindergarten. I’m pretty sure this is the same cold that has been in the school for the past four months but because everyone sends their kids in while sick it’s been mutating and getting passed back and forth. Ping pong style.

If I had been channeling my inner Cassandra, it would have been obvious that the time was ripe for a new plague. I’ve been feeling pretty good, getting used to sitting in a scooter and still managing to do the housework. Malcolm has been working hard on learning his numbers and being able to hold up the correct fingers, he still struggles with three. Alex has been asking to do his homework with excitement and enthusiasm – be still my beating heart.

Yup, time to smite that but of easy days.

That’s OK. Life shouldn’t ever be so easy we get complacent. Without the struggles we fail to appreciate the gifts we have, the easy days, the way a laugh makes your heart soar.

I’d like to test that theory for a while.. Like for the next 16 years.

Thought for the day: there is no hate as strong as what the heart holds for what it fears.

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