Thought for the day

By | February 8, 2006

If you cross a walker with a scooter will you get a Stalker? My husbands thought, I claim no credit for that.


Change in schedule

By | January 13, 2006

Our anniversary, twelfth anniversary for those that care, was on a Saturday. I didn’t want the Rebif hang-over even though its more mild with the Claritin. Side note: I’ve switched from the Claritin-D to the plain stuff, that seems to have helped with the dry mouth/eyes. I only take it on injection days. It works better if its… Read More »


Interesting, allergic reaction?

By | December 22, 2005

Every winter I end up with bronchitis or some insufferable chest gooey nasty phlegm related sickness. This year when I started dripping, as I do, I started taking Claritin D. Helped with the dripping and my chest felt better to boot. Interesting side effect was decreased injection site reactions, fevers, general malaise … in other words my usual… Read More »



By | December 9, 2005

Ever since its been getting cold I am so blasted tired and achy I may as well be Methuselah. Not Young Methuselah, no more like Old Cranky Cantankerous Crotchety Methuselah. A couple months ago I stopped taking my uppers figuring they were interfering with my sleep. Well they are mucking night sleep up, but things have degraded to… Read More »


Minor rant – words have degrees of meaning

By | November 24, 2005

begin rant I understand that being newly diagnosed there is a grief process each and every person goes through. Some go quickly to the end which is acceptance. Others kick and scream and, well, scream some more. This is normal. Expected even. But please, for the love of everything holy, don’t get hung up on comparisons. If someone… Read More »


Manual injection or Auto-Injector?

By | October 27, 2005

For over a year I’ve been a huge advocate of the Rebiject, also to refered to by someone much wittier than I as the auto-inflictor. It’s a fast, easy, non-scary way to inject. Load the gun, put it against your skin, press the button and the jobs done. Mary Poppins just floated through my brain there. Song “Spoon… Read More »


Blood Tests and MRIs

By | July 27, 2005

You need to get MRI’s and blood work pretty regularly. Your neurologist will want to review these at your 6 month or annual appointment. This means you will have to do the tests prior to your appointment. You can either; get the orders for the MRI and blood work at your appointment for the next appointment call your… Read More »


Its a used needle

By | July 25, 2005

When I was first told that I had to be injecting medicine 3 times a week I was ok with it. Medicine I know where to get, Mr. Pharmacist is a nice person. But where do I put the used syringes? I asked my neurologist. I asked my neurologists nurse practitioner. I asked my pharmacist. I called my… Read More »