Re: Bif & General Injecting

By | July 25, 2005

Chinese Hampster Ovaries. That’s what Rebif is made of. American hampster ovaries are not good enough, no. We must import these little gems of medicine. Besides, PETA would probably object. I don’t think they’re performing hysterectomies on the little rodents so PETA would definitely object. Every time someone says Rebif I flash to two movies; Sixth Day and… Read More »


So you’ve got MS.. Now what?!

By | July 8, 2005

So… now you know what to call all those mystery problems. Great. Now you’ve got a clear path for medications; oh how the pharmaceutical companies and drug stores will love you. But what do you do now ? First, don’t panic. Second, you don’t have to read every bloody thing out there about MS and become a biophysicist… Read More »